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Why You Should Get Someone Else to do Your Social Media for You

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Running an effective social media campaign can be time-consuming. Not only is there the setting up of accounts and the act of tweeting and posting, you also need to consider building up a following, planning a strategy and following relevant people and businesses. And you need to be able to react to others mentioning you, retweeting or favouriting your tweets and liking your posts.

Many business owners struggle to cope with running their own social media account simply because they’re too busy. Running a business takes an awful lot of time and dedication, and paying attention to what’s happening on social media is often seen as one more thing to worry about. And with time being so precious, it’s often the first to be neglected.

The answer may be to outsource it. Employing an outside party to look after your social media means you’ll be able to concentrate on running your business and looking after your customers. Having a dedicated resource to help you make the most of your social media allows you to relax knowing it’s in safe hands.

Social media is all about quality, not quantity. Lots of business owners don’t understand this and think if they’re not tweeting or commenting every hour of the day, no-one will want to follow them. This simply isn’t true. The most effective social media accounts only post when they have something relevant to say, and post a mix of images, articles and their own information. Keeping it relevant means people will listen to what you say and see your social media as an informative, interesting account to follow.

By trusting your social media to an outsider, you’ll also guarantee it won’t become too personal. Most business owners are too close to their businesses and tend to talk about it from their point of view rather than the customer’s. A professional social media agency will not just talk about your business when they post but vary the content to keep the reader gripped, and not just bore them with self-promotion.

They will also post when it’s most effective too. Your customers may not be online when you are and won’t read what you’ve written. By varying the time and frequency of your social media content, it will go out when the most people will see it. A decent social media agency will know that, and they’ll also follow accounts you would like to do business with and who are in a similar industry to you.

#chestertweets can look after your social media for you. We can create your accounts, run them for you and help you with your strategy. It’s all taken care of for you so you can get on with running your business.

Call us on 01244 317951 or 07837 849582 for more info. Or you can contact us here if you prefer


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