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Always talking about yourself on social media is a no no



We’ve all met those people who only ever talk about themselves, whether in a personal or professional capacity. You spark up a conversation with them and all they do is drone on about how good they are, how wonderful their company is, and everything revolves around them.

They never give you a chance to get a word in or think about someone talking about someone else.

Many businesses make this mistake on social media. Their tweets all start with we and are very focussed on them. And their Facebook posts will be the same. After a while it can become tiresome to follow these businesses and you soon stop listening to what they have to say.

Ideally, your social media account should be a balance of interesting articles and news from your industry, engaging with your followers and a small amount of directly promoting your business. Send out links to stories about things happening in your industry and ask what people think or give your opinion on it. And recommend another business you’ve used who’s given you excellent service or sold you a great product. You can introduce businesses to each other on social media too if you know or have met them both or have seen one looking for the other’s services.

There’s nothing wrong with being human and commenting on major sporting events or things happening in the news. But avoid being controversial if you can help it. And have chats with followers if they tweet or post something you find interesting or would like to know more about. Above all be engaging and interesting. If you can add a little humour here and there, then do so.

Of course, you use social media because you want to get more business from it. There’s nothing wrong with that. Social media is great for this as long as you don’t just talk about your business constantly. Use social media to launch new products or services. Send out tweets with discount codes and special offers on. And share your good news when you win a new contract or take or are nominated for an award.

If you blog – which you should if you’re serious about marketing – using Twitter and Facebook is a great way to publicise it and is one acceptable way to talk about yourself in an indirect way on social media. You can send your latest blogs out through social media as instalments and make them something for your followers to look forward to. This is another form of engagement and building relationships with people.

Talking about yourself and your business is OK on social media; just as it is in the offline world. As long as it’s not all you do.

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