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Conversations with your followers are a must

Conversations with your followers are a must

A lot of people, and businesses, don’t indulge in conversations on Twitter or Facebook. They simply use them to post information, offers or facts about themselves. But the brands which really succeed at social media and totally engage with their followers are those that have conversations.

Social media is how people communicate nowadays. So use it to communicate with your customers. Ask their opinion on things. Give them something interesting to look at and comment on their posts. Speak to them as you would in a face to face situation and show interest in them.

Many companies use social media as their customer service department and respond directly to customers’ queries and complaints this way. Great examples include Tesco Mobile, Argos and Virgin Trains who bring a personal touch to their Twitter feeds when dealing with customers and really engage with them. It gives their companies a personality and gets away from the problem some people have with dealing with large, faceless corporations.

You can also try starting a question and answer session using a particular hashtag – a bit like the weekly #Chestertweets – where you can offer advice and help to your followers on subjects you’re an expert on. Or you could simply talk about an issue in the news you know a lot about and ask your followers if they have any questions on it. Accountants at budget time is a good example.

Always respond quickly to questions too. People expect social media to be instant so if you get asked something make sure you reply as soon as you can. How fast you deal with issues or simple questions can help your business’s reputation. Nice and quick will help it, too slowly will hinder it.

It’s also important how you deal with negative feedback on social media. Many companies don’t monitor what’s being said about them or even ignore anything bad. Instead deal with it like you would any other complaint: quickly, appropriately and thoroughly. Just because it’s on social media doesn’t mean the issue’s any less important than any other way you’d receive it. So sort it quickly. Don’t swear or get involved in un-pleasantries though. Social media is named so for a reason so keep it that way.

So get involved in conversations with your followers and engage with them. And if they’re having a chat about something, join in. They’ll appreciate that as much as they will you starting something. Anyone following you on Twitter or who likes you on Facebook is a potential customer and going that extra mile and conversing with them on social media might just make the difference when they come to use your services.

Give it a try today.

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