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Don’t retweet or favourite links on social media without reading them first


One of the many great things about social media is that you can share other people’s information quickly and easily. So when someone posts a link or an image you can let them know you like it by retweeting or favouriting it. Social media users love it when you do this as it means they’re creating interesting, engaging content people are willing to share.

But what if you’re busy and see a tweet or Facebook post you like the look of from someone you trust and you simply retweet or favourite it without reading any attached links? Could doing this potentially damage your reputation or make your customers think you agree with a controversial opinion?

The answer’s yes. It could. Occasionally people post articles and videos that could land you in hot water. It may be that they’re offering their political opinion on a subject or making a comment on a news item. There’s nothing wrong with that but it may be you don’t agree with what’s being said. And your customers won’t either. Even worse, there are cases where social media users have been prosecuted for simply clicking retweet, favourite, like or share. Even if a post has been intended as a joke or in a light-hearted way, you have to be really careful not to break libel or other laws.

If you’re busy but want to help your connections out by sharing their information, put some time aside to read it later in the day. Go back to it when you’ve finished working or when you’re on your lunch. Then you can give their content the time it deserves. If you think it’s worthy of a retweet or so on, then give it one. If you don’t or think it might cause you issues somewhere down the line, then leave it and move it.

The majority of information posted on Twitter and Facebook is generally interesting, insightful and useful. It’s always worth a read. You’ll find loads of witty banter, several titbits of fascinating news stories and hundreds of creative pictures and videos. Some will go viral and get loads of comments. But every so often there’ll be something that might cause you a bit of bother. So make sure you read or watch everything you’re going to share online.

This blog, of course, is definitely worth sharing with as many people as you can!




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