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Engagement is what social media’s all about

There’s no point doing social media if it’s not engaging. It’s like shouting about your business to an empty room.

When we say engagement we mean getting people to interact and engage with what you post. So that means likes, shares, tags, retweets, favourites, comments, mentions, follows and clicks. Whatever form it takes, engagement is vital.

But it’s not as easy as it sounds is it? You might post updates and pictures all day and night but no-one does anything with them. So how do you know what will engage?

The first thing to do is to join in with what’s going on. You need to be engaged yourself to engage others. Social media’s full of conversations about all sort of things so become a part of at least one. You can ask and answer questions too. Don’t be shy as you’ll be surprised what people are willing to tell you when asked on social media!

Then you need to make sure your content’s great. And that means all content. Write entertaining, informative blog posts people will want to read. Use images too. Images that grab the attention, make people laugh or tell a story work best. Also think about video. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy as you can make your own on Persicope or Vine to start with. Mix and match your forms of content to really boost engagement. Repost popular items regularly for new followers to discover.

Throw in the odd podcast as well. Recording an opinion piece or simply reading a blog out loud and recording it can build engagement as people have to concentrate on what you’re saying and just hearing your voice can often create a connection. There’s loads of software around for podcasting. In fact, you can probably do it on your phone.

When you post is as important as what you post. Maybe even more so. You might find scheduling tweets and posts on something like Hootsuite or Sprout can help you find when the best time to do it is. Generally speaking, afternoons and early evenings are a good time to post. Of course certain days of the week are better for engagement than others. Thursdays and Fridays consistently score highest in the engagement stakes. You’ll also find people are more in the mood for humour towards the end of the week so you can get away with less business-like updates.

These are relatively quick and simple ways to generate engagement with your social media. But to take it to the next level, you’ll need a bit more time and have to make an effort. It involves engaging with influencers. These are users with massive followings everyone knows. To engage with them, review their articles or books, tweets links to blogs they’ve written or write about them in one of your own, and let them know by mentioning them. They might like it and share it with their followers. Ask them for advice too as most influencers will have a pretty big ego and like it massaged. They relish being seen as experts and influencers so take advantage of that. Once you’re in with a major influencer, your engagement will go up a good few notches.

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